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  • FORGET ABOUT DIRT, DUST & ODORS: Tired of paws and furs that are full of dirt and dust. Well, no worries – these dog wipes will get your furry friends nice and clean in no time!
  • HERB & MINERAL ENRICHED FORMULA that features chamomile, Aloe Vera, Oatmeal, protein, vitamins E & B5 and 26 Dead Sea minerals, these dog and cat wipes will cleanse, deodorize and refresh your pet's coat- plus, they have antimicrobial properties!
  • PRACTICAL CANISTER PACKAGE: Our Dead Sea puppy wipes come in a practical and convenient canister designed to maintain the wipes fresh and moist and make them easy to access.
  • FREE OF HARMFUL CHEMICALS: At Arava make a point of using nothing but 100% natural and safe ingredients, as well as state-of-the- art production processes and strict quality control!
  • HELP FIGHT FOR PET RIGHTS: For each Arava deodorizing cat and dog paw and body wipes purchased, we make a direct donation to an animals' rights organization. Let’s create a better world for our 4-pawed friends!

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