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Quickly & Safely Rid Your Pet of Fleas & Ticks

Is your furry friend riddled with annoying ticks, fleas, and other insects and parasites? Don't worry - we have your back.

By utilizing a safe and effective herbal formula, this amazing Dead Sea Spa flea & tick control dog shampoo will manage to do what all other parasite control products you've tried have failed to; set your 4-pawed friends free of flea and tick infections, and keep the parasites away!

Protect Your Pet from Harmful Chemicals with a 100% Natural Pet Care Product

With each passing year, more and more pet owners become concerned and suspicious with the chemical ingredients many pet care products contain. Some of them may contain unnecessary filler ingredients, while others outright harmful toxicants and carcinogens that are especially harmful for young developing bodies such as kittens and puppies.

The only way to ensure that your pet stays safe from such chemicals is to limit their use as much as possible, using naturally-derived products instead. That's why, when it comes to our pet care products, we make a point of using nothing but 100% natural materials and ingredients, which nourish and strengthen your pet's skin and coat instead of causing harm!

Gentle, Yet Effective Botanical & Herbal Formula

By utilizing a uniquely strong botanical mixture of 11 herbs, including lemongrass, peppermint, cinnamon, thyme, clove, eastern red cedar, as well as no less than 26 beneficial Dead Sea minerals, this dog parasite control shampoo will not only rid your pet of infections, but will also cleanse, strengthen and moisturize their skin, fur and coat!

Help Us Fight for the Rights of Our Furry Pals!

Each and every of our Arava Dead Sea Spa Pet Care products you purchase is another step in our constant effort to secure and protect the rights, welfare, and happiness of animals around the world!

A percentage of our revenue goes directly to non-profit organizations that fight for animal rights. So join our cause and help us offer a better world not only for your pet, but for every animal on the planet!

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