Our story begins when a group of aspiring entrepreneurs, who produced superior-quality vitamins and cosmetics, decided to form a company. From the beginning, we started sending our elite products to high-profile clients all over the globe, including the world’s largest retail store, Walmart.

In 2016, following the general trend of replacing artificial ingredients with natural, organic and healthy alternatives, we decided to change our direction. We started using natural, organic ingredients that would boost the health value of our products. So, it was time to bring our business to the 21st century. We founded “Natural Solutions”, a prime designer, manufacturer and developer of natural products for the whole world.

Our mission is to change the way vitamins and cosmetics are produced. We want to usher a new era of healthy and natural products based on organic ingredients, straight from nature to the consumer. That’s why we have successfully collaborated with pioneering companies such as Biosearch, Exxentia, Arava, Dead Sea factories and many more.

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